About Us

  Like many family businesses, Deep River Specialty Foods was born from family traditions stretching back generations, to the days when our family first settled the banks of the Deep River in North Carolina. Whether enjoying time around the stove, grill or smoker, our family's commitment to sharing great food while making lasting memories,formed our company's foundation.  Many of our recipes have been handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation. Others are the latest additions to our family's legacy, each carefully crafted with the freshest, healthful ingredients and tested for the finest flavor. Our recipes have evolved as our family has grown and married into other cultures merging new flavors and spices into new recipes while still holding on to the traditional ones. All  the while, working hard to stay true our commitment to use fresh, locally-grown and diverse food products.  

 Cheri and Jeff founded Deep River Specialty Foods in 1992, and although they took a break for a short while, they have succeeded in realizing their dream of a sustainable business that doesn't sacrifice quality.  Over 23 years later, with the help of their sons and grandchildren, the company is still a small hands-on business.    

  The jams we serve and the barbecue sauces we grill with, are the same ones made in the Deep River Specialty Foods kitchen. Pride of ownership in our family business extends throughout our company, contributing to its longevity.