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We have an amazing culinary community here in America but especially here in San Antonio.  With the current state of events we have seen many of our restaurants close to dine in eating and they have pivoted quickly to pick up and delivery services so they everyone can get  their favorite meals.  This doesn't mean that their crew hasn't  had layoffs but many staff members turn around and volunteer to help so that these wonderful locally owned restaurants won't close completely.  Many have taken up the task of delivering food to seniors who are house bound and most at risk, using their own money  and whatever donations they can get. They are the 

Heros of today!  Please look around your own communities to see where you can help. I know it is hard as we look at our own loss of income and sheltering  in place. But  reach out, buy a gift card for later,  donate to their cause if you can financially order a meal or two delivered, it all helps. And thank your service provider, cashier, delivery truck drivers, and medial staff.  We will get through this !  


In the last couple of weeks we have had our world turned upside down with the Covid-19 virus showing up here in America. Here is where we are and what we are doing now.

We are all nervous with the current events taking place  across the world but especially right here in America.  We here at Deep River want you to know that we are following very strict sanitation procedures in all aspects of our facilities, productions and shipping.  We hope  all our customers stay safe  and know that we are working to keep your favorite products available to you and your family with utmost care from our family.  Please reach out to us if you have questions .  We will be here ongoing  ready to help in what ever way we can.  


Let us help you make dinner tonight!

Our barbecue sauces, mustards and jams have won multiple awards for their flavor and versatility of use.  We love to give out recipes and ideas for how you can best use our specialty food products to feed your families, so please reach out to us or check our blog if you need an idea for dinner, a party, tailgating, the list goes on...


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